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10 Best WhatsApp Template Messages for E-Commerce

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With over 2 billion active users, WhatsApp presents an opportunity for businesses to reach a wider audience. WhatsApp allows businesses to communicate with their customers in real-time, providing a more personalized experience.

One of the benefits of using WhatsApp for e-commerce is the ability to send product updates and promotions directly to customers. This can help businesses increase sales and build customer loyalty. Also, WhatsApp allows for easy communication between businesses and customers, allowing for quick responses to inquiries and concerns.

WhatsApp template messages for Ecommerce provide a platform for businesses to interact with users. This can be done by sending 

  • Promotional messages to them
  • Product launches
  • Weekly reports
  • Festive greetings and many more 

Here in this blog, we will learn about the best templates for E-commerce on WhatsApp. The common templates for WhatsApp messages include the following:-

  • Abandoned Cart Reminders
  • Order Confirmation WhatsApp Template Message
  • Order Confirmation + Upsell
  • Shipping WhatsApp Template Message
  • Return to Origin
  • Product Feedback WhatsApp Template Message
  • Order Cancellation WhatsApp Template Message
  • Cross-Selling WhatsApp Business Message Template
  • Festive + Promotional Offer WhatsApp Template Message
  • New Product Launch

10 Best WhatsApp Template Messages for E-Commerce:-

1. Abandoned Cart Reminders: 50-70% of humans add items to their cart but overlook to check out. You can re-win them with the aid of absolutely automating a WhatsApp template message. Here’s how the Abandoned Cart Reminder message works.

Greetings [User Name]!

The awesome items from your Cart – (item name) are waiting to be yours!

Get your products here. 

CTA- Buy Now


(Name), you added an item to your cart but haven’t completed your purchase. You can complete it now while it’s still available. 

2. Order Confirmation WhatsApp Template Message: Whenever a person purchases a product from your E-commerce Store, automatically an Order Confirmation Notification comes to them on WhatsApp. Example-

Your order [Order No.] of [Product name] for [Amount] has been confirmed & will reach you shortly.

Thanks for shopping with us! 

3. Order Confirmation + Upsell: Order Confirmation + Upsell is an amazing strategy in which you automate order confirmation notifications as well as add a promotional offer to upsell other products from your Store. Example

Greetings [Name],

Great news! We have received your order [Order No.] amounting to Rs [Amount].

Your Order is on its way. 

While your order reaches you, check out some other amazing products in our store like [Product name]. Make these products yours at [Discount]. Add coupon code [Code] during checkout.

4. Shipping WhatsApp Template Message: 93% of purchasers want to tune the delivery popularity of their orders. Send them a WhatsApp notification to furnish them with updates on the place is their purchased product. Example

Greetings [Name],

Great news!

Your order of [Product Name] from [Your brand name] has been shipped.

Track your order here.

5. Return to Origin: Many users choose COD as their mode of payment, but, refuse to accept the order at the time of payment. This leads to the return of the product back to the warehouse, leading to double shipping charges for business. This process is called Return to Origin (RTO). RTO is a major evil for Ecommerce Businesses. Example

By converting COD orders into prepaid orders, you can reduce up to 50% losses due to Return to Origin (RTO). 

[Name], your order for [Product Name] is confirmed. 

Pay Now & Get Flat [Discount] off on your purchase. 

Click the below link & apply Coupon Use Code – [Code]

Button- Pay Now

6. Product Feedback WhatsApp Template Message: Feedback from customers is really crucial for you to know how you can upgrade & improve your products & services. WhatsApp template messages to ask for order feedback from customers:

Greetings [name], 

We hope you liked the [Product name] you purchased on [Date].

Can you share your experience with us? We would love to hear from you.

7. Order Cancellation WhatsApp Template Message: Don’t simply send a notification verifying that your customer’s order has been canceled. Try to personalize the message & ask what you can do to improve their experience. Here are some Order Cancellation WhatsApp Template Messages to automate whenever a user cancels an order:-

Greetings [Name]!

Your order [Order No.] amounting to [Amount] has been canceled.

We’re sorry that this order didn’t work out for you but, we hope to see you again! 

8. Cross-Selling WhatsApp Business Message Template: Similar to upselling, Cross-selling is an effective strategy where you cross-sell other products from your store to existing customers.  This strategy will help boost reorders for your Ecommerce Store. Example-

Greetings [Name],

[Product name] will be delivered soon. 

Just thought that you might like [2nd product name] with [product name]

Here’s a special offer so that you can enjoy your purchase. 

Use Code [Code] at the time of checkout for instant [Discount] off.

9. Festive + Promotional Offer WhatsApp Template Message: The festive season is the best time to boost your Ecommerce sales. So, in addition to festive wishes, send an enticing offer on your products to boost sales during the festive season. Festive Wishes + Promotional Offer WhatsApp Business Message Template:

Greetings [Name],

(Your Brand Name) wishes you a very [Occasion]. 

We are glad to have you with us. On the special occasion of [Occasion name], we have an exclusive offer for you. 

Avail [Discount Percentage] discount on [plan/product] purchase. 

Hurry, the offer is valid only till [Date]  Apply Code: [Code]

10. New Product Launch: To promote product launches, send Images, Videos & Docs related to your product to 1000s of leads in one go on WhatsApp. WhatsApp Business Message template for new Product Launch:

Greetings [Name], 

Good News! 

(Your brand name) is introducing its new product – [Product name] to help you [Feature]. 

Types of WhatsApp Messages Template for E-Commerce:-

The most common types of WhatsApp message templates include the following:-

  • For resolving the issues 
  • For maintaining and updating the notification status
  • In response to the query asked by the user
  • For giving any important news
  • For confirmation about the availability of the user
  • For personal updates
  • For shipping any product
  • Any account-related message
  • Any payment-related update
  • Updated regarding the transportation of goods 

Key Points To Remember While Formatting WhatsApp Template Messages:-

  • One can Use *Bold*, _Italics_, ~Strikethrough~ in the template text along with emojis to make it more effective.
  • The formatting of the message should be correct otherwise WhatsApp rejects the message.
  • Add Call to Action or Quick Reply Buttons in a message with a character limit of 20 characters. 
  • Use emojis to personalize your messages. 


Hence, WhatsApp is a valuable tool for e-commerce businesses looking to improve their customer experience and increase sales.

By utilizing its features, businesses can create a more personalized and efficient shopping experience for their customers.

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