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Back in Stock: The Most Important SMS List Growth Tool of 2022

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Back in Stock notifications are generally recovery reminders that are sent through email or SMS to inform the customers when an out-of-stock item has been refilled and is available for purchase. Using back-in-stock alerts can increase sales of your Shopify store to a great extent.

Finally, they assist in the recovery of out-of-stock cart abandonment, which your current customer recovery strategy may be unable to handle.

What is Back in Stock?

The following is an example of what back in stock alerts are:

  1. A customer arrives on your page and finds out that the product he is looking for is currently out of stock.
  2. Customers sign up to be notified when the product is restocked or back in stock via email or phone.
  3. The product is back in stock.
  4. Customers receive restock notifications.

How does Back in Stock work?

  1. After the customer finds out that the product they were looking for is out of stock, they either buy something else or sign up to receive restock notifications. When customers sign up for the latter and subscribe to get alerts, a back-in-stock alert will be automatically entered into your flow, which is triggered by this Subscribed to Back-in-Stock event.
  2. Following the trigger flow’s initiation, the contact will be added to the back in stock delay component’s waiting list of recipients at the back. You can check the waiting list through Click View Activity in the configuration sidebar.
  3. When the product is restocked, customers who have been waiting for it will be Moved to the Next Step category. However, who does or who doesn’t receive the in-stock notifications depends on your back-in-stock settings. If the restocked product is limited, you can choose to send the notifications to a certain group of people or if there are enough restocked products, you can choose to send all the customers who signed up for back-in-stock notifications.

What are the benefits of Back in Stock notifications?

Back in stock is one of the most powerful features and the first and foremost benefit of these notifications is that it helps in bringing back lost sale or lost customers just through push notification or SMS. However, there are other benefits that include:

Bringing back lost sale for your Shopify store: When a customer lands on an out-of-stock product, you lose a potential sale right away because they can’t purchase it. But through back-in-stock alerts(sent through SMS, Web push notifications, back-in-stock emails or customizable email templates, etc), you notify consumers that the product is back in stock. This leads to a possible increase in sales.

Keeping customers interested: When shoppers can’t find a product on your website, by nature, they would go looking for it somewhere else. But through back-in-stock notification, you gain back your loyal customer when you alert them. Notifications also help in keeping customers interested by developing a feeling of surety that the product will be back and that they will receive back-in-stock alerts.

Obtaining social proof: Many customers are enticed to join a waiting list by feelings of FOMO (fear of missing out) and exclusivity. These campaigns are not only proof that a product is so popular that it’s sold out, but they also serve as social proof, implying that others are so interested in the product that you’ve had to form a waiting list. So, when you notify customers that the product is back, they have an urge to purchase it even after waiting for so long.

Makes the customers excited: When customers subscribe to get back in stock notification, they develop a hope that the product will soon be back. This develops a kind of excitement for the customers because they think everyone else has already purchased it and that the product must be amazing. Most mobile shoppers opt for SMS notification for back-in-stock alerts. And when they get notified, the excitement amongst customers doesn’t let you lose sales.

Improving client satisfaction: Out of stock itself isn’t a great experience for the customers. However, you can win your customers with it. When a customer subscribes to receive back-in-stock notification, web push notification, or back-in-stock alerts, and you successfully provide them with a restocked product, they develop a feeling of trust and dependency towards you. This not only leads to a successful sale but also helps in gaining loyal customers.

Getting customer insights: Lastly, it gives you an insight into the products that are in demand or that are of shoppers’ interest and that people are ready to wait and stay connected to purchase the product.

How to engage shoppers and recover lost sales through back-in-stock alerts?

Back-in-stock alerts are a life saver but don’t forget that an out-of-stock button is still risky, and you’ll lose sales and shoppers as a result. Mentioned below are a few ways to help you to engage shoppers when a product is out of stock:

Simple and easy Sign-up process: The following are the greatest approaches to make subscriptions plain and simple:

  •  The sign-up box should be placed just beneath the out-of-stock message.
  •  Ascertaining that the box takes up enough space on the page to be noticed.
  •  Use a CTA button that is both clear and vibrant.
  •  Exit-intent pop-ups can be added to your website to prevent users from leaving

Utilize a variety of communication channels: Your eCommerce business most likely employs multi-channel sales, marketing, and cart abandonment techniques, and your notification should follow the suit. Consumers should have the option of receiving stock notifications through email or SMS. This provides consumers more discretion over how you communicate with them while also improving the likelihood that your message alerts will be noticed, read, and responded to.

Use a clear topic line and notify shoppers as soon as possible: When you restock a product, it’s critical to alert consumers as soon as possible because the last thing you want is for your consumers to land on another out-of-stock product page. Use your notification tool to notify consumers who signed up as soon as things are back on the site. And since your consumers are waiting for your notifications, you want them to stand out in their email and SMS inboxes. You’ll need a catchy subject line that remembers, alerts, and tempts your consumers as soon as they read your notifications. Consider the following:

“Your favorite cookies are now back! Hurry up and grab them…”

Customizable email template: While back in stock announcements should be brief and to the point, tailoring your content to meet the “four Rs”: remind, reengage, return, and recover is still vital.

What are the most important factors while sending Back-in-stock alerts?

The following are essential components of a back in stock alert:

  1. Personalize your messages by using the name of the customer and by mentioning the product and pricing information to rekindle the purchasing motivations and feelings they felt when they first subscribed to the alert.
  2. Create a sense of urgency by using phrases like “be quick,” “selling fast,” and “don’t miss out” to drive them to convert right away.
  3. Include clear CTAs and connections back to your website to advise the customer on what to do next.

Key Takeaway

Back in Stock notifications is the most important SMS list growth tool because it helps in recovering lost sales and increasing overall sales for your Shopify stores. Sales that would have been long gone are brought back to brands via back-in-stock alerts. Other than that, back-in-stock notifications help in sustaining consumers’ interest and regaining sales.

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