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Agency and partnership manager

- Who we are?

Optimite is a group of passionate and curious individuals who have a healthy obsession with building the world’s finest products and helping e-commerce entrepreneurs around the globe grow profitable and successful businesses.

Our Motto: Build a house you want to live in

Want to step inside Optimite world?

Our most famous digital agency, Optimite changed the way email templates are produced for businesses of all sizes across the globe. Collection by Optimite, the largest archive of emails in the world is utilized by thousands of people to find inspiration for their next email. There’s also Recovero, the platform that we are building to help eCommerce businesses build relationships with their customers using SMS & Whatsapp.

- Job Description

We’re looking for an Agency and Partnerships Manager with a proven track record to join Optimite with a 100% focus on Recovero, our latest product.

In this role, your main focus will be to establish meaningful partnerships for our platform and execute global launch plans with the objective of expanding our reach and increasing product stickiness. Your role will be to build relationships with leads and support them throughout their buying journey. You will be owning calls with our potential clients to undercover their pains and help them understand if Recovero could be of help as well as provide constructive feedback on how they can use SMS & Whatsapp to build genuine relationships. Being on the front lines talking to customers, your feedback on ways we can improve the product will be essential.

In this role, you’ll have three main missions:

  1. Help potential agency buyers (10+  licenses) that showed interest in Recovero, identify where and if Recovero could be of help, close them and follow-up on them after they signed up.
  2. Establish the partnerships ecosystem from scratch (affiliation, referral, other).
  3. Be the glue between agency customers and the marketing team to help define the right content to produce.

You will work directly with Co-founders, and our Product Marketing team.

Phase 1: week-1 (Onboarding)

  1. Get to know existing funnels and deep dive into the vision, the mission, and who our Ideal Customer Profile is.
  2. Full Recovero audit with a specific focus on the agency model.

Phase 2: week-2 to week-5 (familiarising with the product and market)

  • Learn about our market and key value propositions of our product
  • Understand the current sales tech stack, the current inbound process and lead generation workflows
  • Learn all the ins and the outs of the platform
  • Create the first campaign to start building relationships with potential clients
  • Conducting networking calls with our customers to get a clear picture of Ideal customer profile
  • Coaching on how to execute the perfect demo
  • Suggest actionable content update and creation to raise agency awareness (blog articles, videos, FAQs)
  • Building a strategy to grow your personal brand on LinkedIn (with our support)

Phase 3: week-6-7 (Inbound)

  • Conducting inbound calls with potential clients
  • Analyse your conversions and what could be improved
  • Get coaching where improvement is needed

Phase 4: week-8 & Ongoing (Partner Program)

  • Suggest and build new partnerships programs that will help us and our users grow and scale together (affiliation, referral, etc.)
  • Manage the pipeline, organize events, and build deep relationships with our partners.

– Additional Information

💰 Competitive salary

⛺️ Office in Gurgaon

🏝 Vacations: 24 days per year

- Preferred experience

You are ambitious and you want to work in a creative and fast-paced environment. You have at least 2 years of closing experience in software sales, ideally in a fast-growing startup. You are curious and you know how to establish partnerships and handle partner programs.

You will:

  • You’re a doer; you strive to grow and develop and never back down from a challenge.
  • You have a strong work ethic and organizational skills.
  • You’re persistent and consistent – you don’t give up easily and will always follow a deal until the end.
  • You have great communication and people skills and are able to easily connect with prospects and build relationships while creating excitement and enthusiasm for our product.
  • You have an analytical mindset – you are able to determine the best strategic approach based on the pains buyers are facing and are able to articulate and demonstrate our value proposition accordingly.
  • You have high empathy and active listening skills.
  • You have high empathy and active listening skills.
  • You have 2+ years of experience in running client meetings and closing deals and are comfortable selling to VP, C-Suite executives, and sales leaders, navigating through multiple decision-makers in an organization.
  • You have a proven record of hitting sales quotas.
  • Track and analyze data and feedback to report the impact of product partnership activities.
  • Your copywriting skills and written English are top-notch.

Nice to have:

  • You have a track record of closing deals that involved sales leaders as decision-makers.
  • You’ve worked with and supported online stores.
  • You’re a pro meme creator and can envision the possibilities as you’re writing.

- Recruitment process

  1. Online application & screening (your CV must be in English). Please add a short video (30 secs is enough 😉 ) to introduce yourself and tell us why you’re applying for Optimite.
  2. Interview with Nishant, our Co-Founder.
  3. Product Partnership Test (show us how you think)
  4. Get together (Virtual) with our marketing team.

To join Optimite, all you gotta do is crush these four steps. 🙂

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