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Use Recovero's multiple opt-in tools to build a subscriber list that is both engaged and compliant.

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Multiple Opt-in tools for multiple goals

Building your subscriber list has never been easier! Our platform offers a variety of opt-in tools, from website signup forms to QR codes, so you can reach potential customers wherever they are and grow your list in a compliant way.

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Capture abandoning visitors

Exit popups decrease the bounce rate, reduce checkout abandonment and of course, they're a sure way to boost your signups. If you want to get more granular with the pop-up timing, you can also choose a specific number of pages to view before the pop-up appears or even limit it's targeting to specific pages of your store (e.g. just the checkout).

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Supercharge your WhatsApp Marketing with these advanced features

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Schedule SignUp Forms

Schedule holiday-specific campaigns to activate/deactivate ahead of time. Leave the laptop at home on vacation. We got you covered.

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Page Level Targeting

Want to hide or exclude a message on a certain page like a checkout page or a blog post? Then page-level targeting is for you.

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Geo Targeting

Show grow list tools based on users’ locations to personalize your campaigns

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Multiple Keywords

Launch multiple keywords to segment users according to campaigns.

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Double Opt-in

Keep you list clean and compliant using Double Opt-in

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New Visitor

First impressions count. Welcome new visitors with personalized, branded-campaigns to create a memorable first impression.

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Performance Analytics

Measure your grow list effectiveness and optimize your strategy.

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Existing Subscribers Targeting

Use our Subscriber targeting to show/hide conditions independent to each other (such as “show for existing subscribers; hide for existing subscribers”).

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Scroll Trigger

Trigger your tools based on the exact percentage a visitor scrolls a page. Perfect for reducing wasted ad spends.

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