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All subscriber acquisition tools, with 2 opt-in Keywords
Help center
Unique toll-free number
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Unlimited opt-in Keywords
Live chat and email support
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Dedicated Short Code included
Dedicated Enterprise Customer Success Manager for SMS strategy
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Frequently asked questions

Is there any carrier fee charge?

Yes, each and every mobile carrier charge a fee per message for every text messaging platform. However, we maintain complete transparency and have an inclusive list of the exact cost associated with carrier fees for each of our pricing packages, so that you know exactly what portion covers those costs.

What are the charges per SMS and MMS sent?

Recovero allows you to send 160 characters per SMS without emojis and 70 characters with emojis. If you send more than this, your message will be split into multiple parts which are each charged at the base rate per SMS. Moreover, Recovero lets users transmit up to 1,600 total characters for MMS with or without emojis. You can also check our country wise pricing list here.

Are there any incoming charges?

Once you get started on this platform, you’ll be flooded with numerous text messages from your subscribers on a daily basis. And this is how messaging works - two way. But, don’t worry, Recovero doesn’t charge you anything for any incoming messages.

Are failed messages charged?

No, Recovero doesn’t charge you for any text messages that failed to deliver.

Are there any charges for integrated associations?

No, Recovero doesn’t charge you for integrated associations like Klaviyo, Zapier, and Shopify.

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