Connect with your customers where they are

Reach more potential customers and build a personal connection by sending timely, personalized messages through Whatsapp!
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Connect with your customers where they are
Create and Promote Unique Offers
Send Offers

Create and Promote Unique Offers

When it comes to getting people's attention, no one beats messaging channels. With open rates of Whatsapp at an all-time high, you can be sure that your offers get noticed.

Early Access / Exclusive Drops

Secret Sales

Mobile-Only Offers

Powerful segmentation
Segment before you send

Batch and blast SMS campaigns are a surefire way drive opt-outs and complaints. Instead, use segments to identify an audience that has shown interest and watch your revenue per recipient grow!

Combine more than 40 segmentation filters

Historical Shopify data

Data from app integrations

WhatsApp & SMS activity

Segment before you send
2-way chat
WhatsApp Conversations

With Recovero’s WhatsApp conversations, you can communicate with your customers on a one-on-one basis, answering questions and providing support.

Respond to support questions

Send transactional updates

Requests for feedback & user-generated content

WhatsApp Conversations
Opt-in tools
Collect Subscribers compliantly

Grow your WhatsApp subscribers, learn more about your customers, and trigger timely onsite notifications.

Desktop and Mobile Signup Forms

Keywords and QR Codes

Checkout Collection

Landing Page and Opt-in forms

Back in stock

Collect Subscribers compliantly
Pre & Post Purchase Journey

Create deeply segmented and personalized automation on WhatsApp that triggers in response to subscriber actions.

Welcome Series

Winback, Cross-sell and Upsell

Browse & Cart Abandonments

and more – all ready to go on day one

Pre & Post Purchase Journey
Notify Customers
Send Transactional Notifications

You can keep your customers up-to-date with what’s happening in the shop by sending them automated updates through WhatsApp.

Shipping Updates

Delivery Confirmation

Send Transactional Notifications
Detailed Analytics to optimize performance

Get clear answers to key questions— message performance, revenue growth, unsubscribe rate.

Dashboard Analytics

Subscriber Analytics

Messages Analytics

Detailed Analytics to optimize performance

Why thriving stores choose Recovero

We’re made for marketers. No code required

Ready-to-use integrations to sync with your store

Automations, so you can sit back and relax

More purchases. Higher cart value. Loyal customers.

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Common Questions

We’ve got you covered

How can I install Recovero and are there any setup fees?

Installing Recovero is completely free of charge and will only take you a couple of minutes. In case you need additional information, visit our Help Center or reach out to our 24/7 live chat.

Will Recovero work with my eCommerce platform?

Recovero is now available for Shopify! We'll be adding more platforms soon, so stay tuned.

Can I send text messages to my customers even if they're not in the same location as me?

Yes! We can deliver your text messages no matter where your business is located.

Can I bring a list of subscribers from another WhatsApp & SMS Marketing service?

Of course! If you're moving from another WhatsApp or SMS service, get in touch with us and we'll be happy to help.

Are there any custom plans for brands with high volume of orders?

We have an enterprise plan for brands with a high volume of orders. Our team will work closely to ensure that your needs are met and exceed all expectations!

Can I integrate with other apps?

We're working hard on integrating with all of your favorite apps, from custom checkouts to email marketing platforms and many more. Check out our list here.

Have an app you would like us to integrate with? Please email us at support@recovero.io

Make messaging your #1 revenue channel

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We believe the The future is here and it’s chat-based. Brands can now reach customers in a way that was never before possible, build connections with them on an individual level and grow revenue at the same time by using SMS or WhatsApp.
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